Our Story.


We love seeing people smile.

Founded in 2004, The Throat started as a silly newsletter at a small college in Bel Air Maryland. It all started with two friends - Theo and Charles who wanted to make fun of the school’s real newsletter while making people laugh. It’s whole purpose was to bring a smile to people’s faces. It was not always that great, but it always made people laugh.

When the college closed it’s doors the following year, Charles strived to keep The Throat alive. His brother bought him the domain and he pulled some of his friends together with a mission: to build a website where down to earth people shared thoughts from wherever they were in life just to let people know they were not alone in whatever they might be going through. Psalm 69:3 became the theme verse as The Throat evolved from just making people laugh to reaching people on a deeper level. The website featured writers from all over. One was working in Korea, one was preparing to go to Africa, one lived in Indiana, another in Illinois, and one in The Throat’s headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland.

After a lot of loss in 2013, Charles found himself asking two questions. The first was actually posed to him by his mentor, “What are you going to do with everything you’ve gone through, to bring glory to God?” The second was, “What need do I see that I could fill?” As he spoke with more and more people and he evaluated his own past he came to the conclusion that the answer to the second question was that people serving in ministry need encouragement. They need to be reminded that they are not alone and that even if their throat is worn out from calling out to God, God still hears them and is with them.

An idea was born: Create a coffee shop that brewed amazing, fair-trade coffee, and focussed it’s energy and resources on encouraging ministers.

While sharing this idea with his boss and friend at Parkville Nazerine Christian Daycare Charles was asked, “Why not start it here? Now?” So, after some prayer and lots of encouragement to move on this opportunity, Charles teamed up with Jennie Phaneuf (One Sweet Mess) to create: The Throat Coffee Bar.

So, just over ten years after that first silly newsletter went out, a new idea was born out of the same love of seeing people smile.

“I am worn out

calling for help;

my throat is parched.

My eyes fail,

looking for my God.”

Psalm 69:3